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Rather than make a bunch of different posts, I figured I'd just shove 'em all in together.

Cookie off:

Other than Monday, fine.   Its hard to turn down free cookies.

Workout update:

Kind of a meh week.

I hit the gym on the 30th, and I went for a run Friday night.  I cleaned yesterday but since I am planning on going for a run soon, and then softball practice later I took yesterday off.  

Random blathering:

I'm wide awake on a Sunday.  This is getting annoying.  I'm know it takes time to adjust to meds but I would just like to sleep past 6 on a Sunday LOL.

I'm bored.

And my knee hurts.  *sigh*

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I had 2 cookies today. :( I was starving and I have no food and am poor and they had free cookies and I was weak. :(
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No cookies eaten this week. Plenty of workouts however. I did eat a lovely strawberry kickass cupcakes last night.
It was so worth it.

4/20 5k distance run
4/21 elliptical 40 mins
4/22 a little walking around
4/24 30 min walk to dr and then 20 min run back home

Thanks [ profile] causticchick for the button.
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No cookies.  This week is easy since I am not at work so no cookies.  So if I don't give an update it's b/c I'm on vacation and I am going away tomorrow for 2 days so.... I do not anticipate any cookies in my future.  Just good times.  :) :) :)

Busy morning today: chiro, gym, psych med lady, gassing up the car.
Tonight, if the weather holds headed to Fenway, and then tomorrow morning heading north.
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No cookies today! I did have really good pizza, but I should have just had one piece instead of 2. :(
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Yesterday was fine but busy since we had open house. I worked, went and got a haircut, ran, showered and headed back to work. I hardly had time to eat dinner, never mind cookies.

Today was fine as well, a decadent bagel for breakfast however.
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No cookies today. I did end up eating a dark chocolate Lindt bunny tho. :(

I had made this crack about how I got nothing for Easter; I was really joking.(I mean I really didn't get anything for Easter, no candy, no dinner, no anything) But one of my students felt bad and brought me an Easter basket filled with the hugest chocolate egg ever, the Lindt bunny, pencils and stickers for my classroom, and a new bottle of Bath and Body works Sweet Pea lotion.

Awwwww. My kids love me.

Also no gym b/c I am exhausted as all hell. :(
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Cookie ban day 1 was ok.  I did eat a brownie.  BROWNIES ARE NOT COOKIES!  LOL!

I figured it was ok since I hadn't eaten dinner last night since my stomach was kind of off.  It was a really good brownie, but I did not eat any cookies, and I did go running after work.


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