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*Day off today, yet I was wide awake at 6:30.  :(

*Made it to the gym today, finally.  Of course I'm paying for it with a killer headache, but I got my 5K mileage in, and a good deal of it actually running.  Now if I could just do this 3-4 times/week I will be ready for the 5k in June.

*Cleaned the house today (the kitchen and bathroom mostly) and it looks so much better.  I wish people here cared as much as I do.  It's tiring to have to do it all on your own.

*There are a million things I want/need to do/buy but lack of fundage is putting a damper on it.  (want to see M v. A, get new glasses, car washed and cleaned, need book on baseball math for school, groceries, watch battery replaced ~ PAYCHECK FAIL, new clothes, shoes, etc)

*Need to find new primary care doctor for second fourth opinion.  Anyone know of any one good in the Boston area, preferably not at St. Elizabeth's?

*Maybe I should just take a nap?

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Had appt today.  Showed neuro that March had sucked; 4 days total I didn't have a headache.  He is now calling them "treatment resistant chronic headaches."  Lovely.

So changes are to follow:
1.  Wean off nortriptaline starting today.  50 mg per day for 1 week, then 50 every other day for 1 week.
2.  In 2 weeks start Cymbalta @ 30mg, going up to 60 if tolerated well.
3. Stop Topamax.
4.  All other meds stay the same.
5.  I also didn't get cut off, but I know he wasn't pleased.  Wants me to keep t3's to 15/month at max; which is a change from the 1 a week he wanted me at.  

Unforunately the pharmacy hasn't gotten the script via fax yet and I have to wait.  I hope I don't have to wait until tomorrow. :(
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Well unfortunately the Topamax experiment is over. Actually it is rather fortunate since for the past week and some days I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO A DAMN THING! I have not been able to think clearly. I don't remember most of this week actually. Most of it went by in a fog. I actually went to bed at 5:30 pm last night I was so tired and out of it. I was hopeful that it would work, b/c it was actually alleviating my headaches. (or I was so out of it I didn't know my head hurt) So Monday I will be calling the neuro and letting him know I'd rather be in pain without meds than live my life in a fog. I was observed at work on Tuesday and I don't even remember it at all now.

Seriously. Can't. Remember.
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Today was my appt. with the neuro.  It actually wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be.  I didn't get "lectured" so to speak and he gave me a T3 script without me having to beg ask.  (perhaps being paged "in the middle of the night" [at 7pm] didn't make him happy.)  He did note that I had gone through like 30 this month (hello I had 2 failed spinal taps and 1 one that nearly killed me for heavens sake, you should be lucky I wasn't eating them like candy.

He confirmed my spinal tap was fine.

He seems to be getting on board that this is a chronic thing that isn't being treated by conventional means.   He even told me to stop stressing about it (well I can now that I have frigging pain killers srsly)

He did make some changes to see what happens.

AM Meds: 
B2 and Magnesium
100 mg Nortriptaline (moved from evening)

PM Meds:
B2 and Magnesium
Topomax (new addition)  [off label for weight loss w00t!]

We also discussed the possibility to weaning me off the nortrip. and changing to Cymbalta.  He wants to see how this change goes first.  He also gave me a script for Lidocaine patches and gave me a bunch of samples.  I guess  I can use them on my back too when it is killing.

So it went way better than I had expected.  I go back on my half bday to see how things go.


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