To do

Mar. 26th, 2010 04:34 pm
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Watch more Dr. Who
Find icon of captain Jack doing whatever W

Give finals tomorrow was home sick
Correct finals and do report cards AS SOON AS I GET THE FINALS
Lesson for Monday; stats for math class
Laundry started

change LJ layout
update for [ profile] dt_bday_drive 

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 Things I need to get done this vacation:
  • clean up house
  • clean out car
  • finish shredding
  • read
  • watch Hamlet
  • find out about consignment shop for clothes
  • book spa time
  • colour hair
  • go to B&N
  • work out every day
  • ink cartridges for printer
  • return library books

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HELP I NEED HELP!  QUESTION:  I want to do a 2 day juice fast to get my digestive system moving (lovely side effect from narcotics TMI YES I KNOW).  Do I need a juicer to make vegetable juice or can I just use my blender, b/c seriously juicers are like $100 and I DO NOT have that kind of cash?

I baby sat today. Naomi and I had a great time playing and watching Scooby Do.  She was good while I made all my phone calls.

I have an appt to take my car in.
I am waiting for a c/b re: subbing- will have to call tomorrow again
RE: Mass Health I need a form from unemployment and I need to call them
Nothing re: interview for tomorrow
I called my doctor and didn't hear back

After Naomi and I had lunch  we fell asleep on the couch for a few hours and didn't wake up until her parents came home from Temple.  I hung out w/ my bff and we played w/ Naomi and chatted until they needed to go back to Temple.  I made a quick email check and then we played some more and watched more Scooby Do until they got home again.  We had a nice dinner, complete w/ pumpkin pie for dessert, YUM.  And then I headed home b/c it was late and I was tired and hello HOUSE IS ON!  I had to watch it DVR'ed but it's all good.

to do tomorrow:
Interview somewhere bet. 12-2:30 ????? NEVER HEARD BACK :(
call unemployment to get form for mass health
post office
grocery store
return to Old Navy  FINALLY!  I actually ended up exchanging it for a hoodie sweatshirt since they were on sale for $15 and paid the extra 7.  I need something to throw on after working out in the evening and this is perfect!
notes to be emailed to p/t job
Target for juicer and saline
Chiropractor 3:30
Spinning 6:30

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meme that [ profile] arhh  tagged me in even though I've done it before and I think she has too LOL

Four jobs I’ve had
1. babysitter
3. papergirl
4. teacher

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Love Actually
2. Peter's Friends
3. Lethal Weapon series
4. Die Hard series

Four places I’ve lived
1. Brighton, MA
2. Allston, MA
3. Framingham, MA
4. Worcester, MA

Four TV shows I love
1. House
2. QI
3. Rescue Me
4. Ruby

Four places I’ve vacationed
1. New Hampshire
2. Florida
3. Maine
4. New York

Four of my favorite dishes
1. pasta
2. Pizza
3. eggplant parm
4. grilled chicken, zucchini and summer squash over pasta

Four sites I visit daily
2. facebook
4. surviving grady

Four places I would rather be right now
1. England
2. Ireland
3. asleep
4. somewhere  that is not hot lol

Four friends I am tagging
1. [profile] lana_ftw 
2. [ profile] causticchick 
3.[ profile] phinnia 
4. [personal profile] bishojo_kitsune 
5. anyone else who wants to

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I too was going to make a fandom post, but I need to focus on RL for the moment and getting my shit together.  So everyone who has posted today about the issues in fandom, especially [ profile] causticchick , A++++++ for you!

I've decided to move all my weight/workout/etc posts to a new journal just to keep this one from getting cluttered b/c I need to take charge of this issue like I said I was going to a month ago and just keep eating and evading.  It's called [ profile] moveitonoutgirl  no small thanks to ABOF&L.  :)  So friend me there if you want to listen to me whine  praise glory about the gym and whatnot.  Or not. 

I have another phone interview this afternoon.

I love freecycle.  I got well over $200 worth of classroom materials today from a former elem. teacher including 2 boxes of books and classroom teaching books, borders, wall decos and paper to go on bulletin boards.   If and WHEN I get my own room that will save $$$$$.

My day started off with T3s and diet mountain dew.  LOVELY.

I got my student loans deferred.  I still owe $34K.  Jesus.  I'm going to be paying these until I am 90.

To do Tues:
1. work
2. gym/workout
3. go to city hall for parking permit
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*copy L's stuff from my computer to CD

*update medical info doc to bring to doctor next week

*write 2 syllabi for p/t job

*re-write worksheets for next week

*find extra backup activities for next week

*clean room


*read books I checked out of the library

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I'm bored, so I am making a meme.

Directions:  What are your top 10 favourite songs?  Comment here, or post in your own journal.  Tag people if you want, or don't if you don't.

In no particular order . . . . .

1. Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie
2. I'm In Love With Steffi Graf- Hugh Laurie
3. Mystify- INXS
4. All Things Must Pass- George Harrison
5. With or Without You -U2
6. Never Tear Us Apart- INXS
7. Tear in Your Hand- Tori Amos
8. Charlotte Sometimes- The Cure
9. The Long and Winding Road- The Beatles
10. That Day is Done- Paul McCartney

Tagging: anyone who feels like doing this
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*put away clothes neatly instead of dresser/closet looking like a bomb went off in them

*go to New Balance factory store and pick out new sneakers
*grocery store
*work on report card comments

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1. clean room
2. laundry
3. scan transcripts and letters of recommendation

4. work on report card comments
5. look for jobs
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fitness reimbursement paperwork
new dr paperwork
call dentist

psych med woman-Tues

Find out about math cert. test

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Well I managed to screw myself over by spending money thinking I was getting paid for 2 weeks not 1 at the p/t job. Sooooooo there is going to be a delay in doing nice things for ppl and bday cards/pressies etc. I will be lucky to make it to next pay day without being negative in my checking account. Ugh. Sometimes I am really not that bright. I hope I don't have any prescriptions that need filling right now, b/c it isn't going to happen.

In good news, my dad bought me a Dr. Cockroach MD plushie and I can't wait to get it. The cats better stay away from it. LOL.

1. make appt with psych med dr
2. call neuro re: topamax (yes I know I should have done this last week but i didn't have my prep at all at school and had NO TIME AT ALL TO MYSELF
3. reschedule dentist
4. take books/clothes to drop off centers
5. correct papers for p/t job
6. work on Wilson story
7. work on new story idea
8. work on PQ prompts
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1. make appt with psych med dr
2. call primary re: potential sinus infection/mono idk
3. reschedule dentist
4. lesson plan for 3/3 and materials and manipulatives
5. correct papers for p/t job
6. work on Wilson story
7. work on new story idea
8. work on PQ prompts
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1. clean house
2. laundry
3. dentist on Tue

4. new glasses need more $$
5. get more contacts have to have appt first
6. go to B&N
7. mail amended tax returns
8. try to see my primary care dr  FAIL
9. potentially get spinal tap  TOMORROW
10. write next chapter of fic
11.  find out different certification things for work
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call endo
call primary
call dentist

get at least 10-15 comments done for report cards
publish ch 1 of fic
work on ch 2 of fic


shovel snow


clean clutter off coffee table

To do

Jan. 19th, 2009 12:15 pm
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Ok I need to get these things done today. 

1.  shovel out car
2.  go to chiro
3. go to grocery store

4.  go to gym
5.  work on checklists for reports  I need files I left at work.  Oh bummer
6. work on IEPs  one is done, and I can do another one tomorrow, need a file
7.  watch 4 hrs of 24  DOING RIGHT NOW
8. watch new House and 24

Should be no problem if I combine 7 and 5 and 6 lol


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:56 am
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2.  put away laundry
3.  materials for K & J
4.  info for test vs. another certification
5.  empty dishwasher
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Ugh.  I do this every year, and by February I've forgotten about them.  So someone smack me around if I forget or you catch me eating ice cream.

1.  Go to the gym 3-4 times per week.
2.  Lose at least 50 pounds.
3.  Write at least once per week.
4.  Read one book a week.
5.  Stay on top of school work/reports by getting them done as soon as they are assigned.  Find out when report cards are due and make sure that they are done ON TIME and correct.
6.  Take a vacation.
7.  Not have a hissy fit every time ppl do not clean up after themselves.
8.  Try to enjoy life.
9. Do one random act of kindness to a friend every month
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1. go to grocery store(food and L's present)
2. Target? -depends on how insane I feel    I drove there and there was no parking so I said screw it
3. gas station

4. put out trash and recycling (my back is already killing thinking about it)
5. get old tv to curbside for pickup Sat am
6. clean up bedroom

7. gym

8. pick up prescription

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It wouldn't be vacation if I didn't have a list of things I need to attend to.

-wash and vaccuum all floors

-rearrange kitchen furniture

-get old roommates crap out of living room

-find a way to hook up little tv in my room; get one of those converters once get paid?

-go to the gym at least 5 days a week

-wrap presents

-clean out fridge

-write fics

-get hair cut/coloured

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clean back room
finish cleaning bedroom
freecycle ancient pc
send packages to trade in (best buy)
figure out why I haven't got my Band from TV dvd
find out Bronson is coming to town in Jan; tickets bought!
chair massage
a tiny bit of Christmas shopping, including a perfect gift for someone on my f-list
ate some leftovers

I think I deserve a nap now.  :)

What I still need to do:

make holiday cards

write/plan sickwilsonfest fic

get prepared for lesson that will be observed on Monday

correct/etc for p/t job


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