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Address change things

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To do

Mar. 26th, 2010 04:34 pm
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Watch more Dr. Who
Find icon of captain Jack doing whatever W

Give finals tomorrow was home sick
Correct finals and do report cards AS SOON AS I GET THE FINALS
Lesson for Monday; stats for math class
Laundry started

change LJ layout
update for [ profile] dt_bday_drive 

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To do

Jan. 8th, 2010 09:55 pm
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Return DVD
Fix bracelet
Clean up room
Call neuro
Work on fic
do final for p/t job

There was something important I neededto remember but idk my head hurts

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 Things I need to get done this vacation:
  • clean up house
  • clean out car
  • finish shredding
  • read
  • watch Hamlet
  • find out about consignment shop for clothes
  • book spa time
  • colour hair
  • go to B&N
  • work out every day
  • ink cartridges for printer
  • return library books

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HELP I NEED HELP!  QUESTION:  I want to do a 2 day juice fast to get my digestive system moving (lovely side effect from narcotics TMI YES I KNOW).  Do I need a juicer to make vegetable juice or can I just use my blender, b/c seriously juicers are like $100 and I DO NOT have that kind of cash?

I baby sat today. Naomi and I had a great time playing and watching Scooby Do.  She was good while I made all my phone calls.

I have an appt to take my car in.
I am waiting for a c/b re: subbing- will have to call tomorrow again
RE: Mass Health I need a form from unemployment and I need to call them
Nothing re: interview for tomorrow
I called my doctor and didn't hear back

After Naomi and I had lunch  we fell asleep on the couch for a few hours and didn't wake up until her parents came home from Temple.  I hung out w/ my bff and we played w/ Naomi and chatted until they needed to go back to Temple.  I made a quick email check and then we played some more and watched more Scooby Do until they got home again.  We had a nice dinner, complete w/ pumpkin pie for dessert, YUM.  And then I headed home b/c it was late and I was tired and hello HOUSE IS ON!  I had to watch it DVR'ed but it's all good.

to do tomorrow:
Interview somewhere bet. 12-2:30 ????? NEVER HEARD BACK :(
call unemployment to get form for mass health
post office
grocery store
return to Old Navy  FINALLY!  I actually ended up exchanging it for a hoodie sweatshirt since they were on sale for $15 and paid the extra 7.  I need something to throw on after working out in the evening and this is perfect!
notes to be emailed to p/t job
Target for juicer and saline
Chiropractor 3:30
Spinning 6:30

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I too was going to make a fandom post, but I need to focus on RL for the moment and getting my shit together.  So everyone who has posted today about the issues in fandom, especially [ profile] causticchick , A++++++ for you!

I've decided to move all my weight/workout/etc posts to a new journal just to keep this one from getting cluttered b/c I need to take charge of this issue like I said I was going to a month ago and just keep eating and evading.  It's called [ profile] moveitonoutgirl  no small thanks to ABOF&L.  :)  So friend me there if you want to listen to me whine  praise glory about the gym and whatnot.  Or not. 

I have another phone interview this afternoon.

I love freecycle.  I got well over $200 worth of classroom materials today from a former elem. teacher including 2 boxes of books and classroom teaching books, borders, wall decos and paper to go on bulletin boards.   If and WHEN I get my own room that will save $$$$$.

My day started off with T3s and diet mountain dew.  LOVELY.

I got my student loans deferred.  I still owe $34K.  Jesus.  I'm going to be paying these until I am 90.

To do Tues:
1. work
2. gym/workout
3. go to city hall for parking permit
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*copy L's stuff from my computer to CD

*update medical info doc to bring to doctor next week

*write 2 syllabi for p/t job

*re-write worksheets for next week

*find extra backup activities for next week

*clean room


*read books I checked out of the library

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*put away clothes neatly instead of dresser/closet looking like a bomb went off in them

*go to New Balance factory store and pick out new sneakers
*grocery store
*work on report card comments

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1. clean room
2. laundry
3. scan transcripts and letters of recommendation

4. work on report card comments
5. look for jobs
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fitness reimbursement paperwork
new dr paperwork
call dentist

psych med woman-Tues

Find out about math cert. test

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Well I managed to screw myself over by spending money thinking I was getting paid for 2 weeks not 1 at the p/t job. Sooooooo there is going to be a delay in doing nice things for ppl and bday cards/pressies etc. I will be lucky to make it to next pay day without being negative in my checking account. Ugh. Sometimes I am really not that bright. I hope I don't have any prescriptions that need filling right now, b/c it isn't going to happen.

In good news, my dad bought me a Dr. Cockroach MD plushie and I can't wait to get it. The cats better stay away from it. LOL.

1. make appt with psych med dr
2. call neuro re: topamax (yes I know I should have done this last week but i didn't have my prep at all at school and had NO TIME AT ALL TO MYSELF
3. reschedule dentist
4. take books/clothes to drop off centers
5. correct papers for p/t job
6. work on Wilson story
7. work on new story idea
8. work on PQ prompts


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