Aug. 26th, 2009

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Aug. 26th, 2009 12:24 pm
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I will ship for minimal or no cost


i.d bare minerals in failry light, mineral foundation for $15 (used once, I got the wrong shade)

Mary Kay eye shadow in Moonstone- used once for $3

Mary Kay eye shadow in Sweet Cream- used once for $3

Essie nail polish in Nude Attitude - NEW $3

CQ french beige polish- NEW $2

Sinful colours in purple diamond- used once $2

BOOKS: $3 each or trade for another book

Albert Einstein by Freida Wishinsky
Boys and Girls together by Tamara Grogan
Thinker Sheets by Becky and Charlie Daniel
Keystrokes- calculator activities for young students
Great Scientists an eyewitness book
Skill-Streaming the Elementary School Child- McGinnis and Goldstein
The Skillful Teacher- Sahpier and Gower

I also have a bunch of CD's.  I'd be willing to send to you just for minimal shipping of like a dollar or 2 or trade for equal value.  None of these cd's have cases and some don't have the liners.  Some are a little scratched but they all play ok.

1. Christmas Piano- no liner
2. The Nutcracker Suite- no liner
3. Pet Shop Boys- no liner
4. Robert Miles- Dreamland
5. Harry Potter Soundtrack for Chamber of Secrets and Sorcerer's Stone
6. Waking Ned Devine- No liner
7. Weird Al- Running w/ Scissors
8. Dream Theater Metropolis pt 2
9. Dream Theater- Change of Seasons
10. Dream Theater- Awake
11. Dream Theater- Images and Words
12. Dc Talk- Intermission
13 Jewel- 0304
14. Jewel- SPirit
15. Jewel- pieces of you
16. The Coors- Live in Dublin
17. The Coors Live in Concert
18. The Coors- Unplugged
19. The Coors- The best of the Coors
20. Rachael Lampa- Kaleidoscope
21. Rachael Lampa- Live For you

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Those of you looking for the shoes House is wearing in the S6 promos my roommate has located them.

Here they are.

The womens do not come in that colour combo. :( But they are here.
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When I was in 8th grade, I went to Washington DC like many kids my age.  However, my social studies teacher was well involved w/ MA politics at the time and had special passes for us signed by Kennedy (well idk if they were special, I know they were signed by him, but I can't find it right now). 

Anyways, a group of us were in the Capitol building trying to take a group picture and failing miserably.  Then someone came up and asked if he could take the picture for us.  It was Senator Kennedy.   I remember being star struck and awed and gave him my camera.  He was very kind to us and smiled and chatted with us and thanked us for coming.  
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more of [ profile] arhh 's Amnesia AU for [personal profile] bishojo_kitsune 

                House nor Wyatt followed Wilson to the front door.  They heard his footsteps echo through the apartment and the front door close shut.   House reclined against the headboard, his breathing labored, as he had to breathe through his mouth since he was so congested.   He attempted to blow his nose again, but it was too much effort and caused him too much pain. 

                Wyatt poured him a glass of juice and gave him some Sudafed.  “This should help,” he said.  House downed the pills and the juice and snorted at Wyatt, which caused him to sneeze again.  “Bless you,” Wyatt said, slightly concerned.  “I should have taken your temperature before you drank the juice.  Oh well.  It will have to wait.  Why don’t you try to rest?”

                “Whabt, no lectdure about whabt was gobing on width Wilsond?”

                “Would it matter, Gregory if I were to offer my opinion on the matter?”

                House rolled his eyes at the use of his proper name. 

                “No, I suppose it wouldn’t,” Wyatt continued.  “You need to get some rest.  Sleep now and I’ll have some nice soup ready for you for when you wake up.”  Wyatt gathered the bags he had brought in and headed out, closing the door gently behind him.

                House laid back and stared at the ceiling.  His head was killing, his leg was killing, and he felt like shit.  He hated being sick in general, and being sick and in pain just made him even more irritable.  Tack on a bus crash, killing his best friend’s girlfriend, and now losing said best friend, and it made for an unusually miserable House.  He sighed, and continued to stare at the ceiling, and waited for sleep to overtake him. 


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