Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:56 pm
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The doctor visits were utter FAIL.  FML. 

The neuro [he is the 3rd one I have seen] has referred me off to a 4th one.  Seriously.  And he gave me the worlds smallest prescription, so I am NOT HAPPY.

Then I had the regular dr.  Well I would have, but she was home sick, so I saw some other dr.  He at least took my word about the sinus infection and gave me antibiotics and refilled the 2 medications I needed refilling and sent me to get a blood test to see if my vitamin d level was low again.  [it was so low 6 months ago, it was barely registering]

I have to go to a meeting later for my part time job.  It is a waste of time.  I've been there so long I could RUN the meeting myself.  I do get paid for being there and fed, but I'd rather just get my materials and go home.  But I was sick for the last 2 meetings so I kind of have to go, that and I need the money.  And free dinner.

And when I got home I found Rascal had pooed on the floor.  

But I had turkey bacon and chocolate biscuits for lunch so that was good.  I also foresee a nap in my future.
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I had the most brilliant dream this morning.  I was part of a crew to go and interview David Tennant and we were sitting about waiting for him to come home with his girlfriend [?] and making small talk and smoking Silk Cut.  So then finally he comes home all rumpled and scruffy, like he was channeling House [like this] and OMG.  Well for some reason the crew decide that it's a good time to go out for a smoke/coffee/home and who I gathered in the dream was his girlfriend was going upstairs to sleep or shower. 

So it's the two of us in the kitchen and he's reading the paper and finally he decides well it's time to make dinner. [???] So he goes to the sink to wash a glass or something and I ask if he needs help, so I go over to help.  And in the dream I'm far taller than in real life b/c we are almost eye to eye.  That or he has bent rather well over to me and I recall we were both kind of leaning on the counter.  And we are so close, noses nearly touching.  And I'm so excited and aroused and I know he's going to kiss me.  AND THEN I WOKE UP.  NOT FAIR.  NOT FAIR AT BLOODY WELL ALL.   ASALKSJALKSJALSJALKSJALSJALSKJALSKJALKSJALKSJ.  If I can't get any in real life, could I at least get some in my dreams? 

stupid life grrrrrrrrrrr )
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 I have been unemployed since mid June.  It took until sometime in July to get coverage.  I had medical care through the summer, ending at the end of August.  At the end of August I began to apply for Mass Health/Commonwealth Care.  My paperwork was lost TWICE and after multiple phone calls I got a letter dated 10/16 that I was eligible for Commonwealth Care, as well as a phone call.  

SO when I can FINALLY GET THROUGH TO A HUMAN BEING,and give them all of my information, they tell me I will not have coverage UNTIL DECEMBER.  DECEMBER.  So I ask what I am supposed to do between now and then, which I was told to contact Health Safety Net.  I checked their site for info and it takes FORTY-FIVE days to get approved.  That will be some time in December.  Now I can wait on my primary care doctor visit, but I can't wait to see the neuro.

I need to get a flu shot.  I still need to have meds filled.  The ativan is fine, it's only 15 dollars out of pocket.  But my antidepressant is over $200.  I can't afford that.  And I can't afford to go off of it either.  Then there are the pain pills.  I have 4 left.  I do not think he will refill anything over the phone.  Maybe I can get them to give me T3's until I have coverage to tide me over.  I don't know.  I am going to be doing a lot of begging in the mean time.  Or I am going to be in pain until December, making it pretty much impossible to hold new job down.  

Not to mention they hit you with a tax penalty here in MA if you do not have insurance.   If I am taxed I will fight it with every fiber in my body.  

Not to mention my hospital visit and the one neuro visit I will have to pay out of pocket b/c nothing is RETROACTIVE.


Now I have started a new job but I do not know if benefits are included as it is only a 3 day position.  Also I haven't done my paperwork yet.  So this could all end up being a moot point.  Or not.  All I know is that there needs to be a change in the way health care is managed in this country.  If I were to God forbid, get in an accident right now, I'd be fucked.  There is no way I'd ever recover financially.  My parents can't help in that kind of situation.  


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